Why CURVEX stands out in the crowd

There are many neuro-tech headsets out on the market and they come in different shapes and sizes. Halo is placed on the head, like headphones, and has electrodes below the head strap. FeelZing attaches like a patch behind the ear. Kernel has built a headset that wears like a helmet. And Synchron is developing implantable devices. CURVEX, however, sits comfortably around the wearer’s head, like a crown, and uses two electrodes that rest on the forehead. 

    These electrodes detect different signals in the brain, like a radio tuner detecting different frequencies, and these different cognitive frequencies indicate various levels of mental states. The mental states that CURVEX can detect are attention, focus, mental fatigue, and stress. With CURVEX you can see these states in realtime which means you can practice controlling your states, depending on what you need for the situation, and monitor if your efforts are working. 

    Furthermore, with our machine learning capabilities, our device can get to know you and recommend what you should be doing in order to optimize your performance. For example, if your mental state indicates cognitive overload, CURVEX will encourage you to rest. Depending on other levels, it will encourage you to be creative, do office work, study new material, memorize known information, or use your body. Therefore, when you wear CURVEX your activity is always in synchrony with what your brain is in the mood for, allowing you to be at peak performance at the click of a button.