Which neuro-headset is best for me?

Even though neuro-tech headsets have been made available on the market for the last decade, recently, there has been a lot of hype about them thanks to Elon Musk’s Neuralink. On their website, Neuralink states that they hope to build “new technologies that will expand our abilities.” Which “abilities” the company aims to improve is a bit vague at the moment, but it’s likely they will expand upon the features that currently available neuro-tech headsets are using to help people.

            There are a number of headsets currently available with varying levels of sophistication and purpose. Emotiv is a company that makes three different headsets designed for different purposes, which include workplace wellness, safety and productivity, brain-controlled technology, brain research and education, and consumer insights. What diversifies neuro-tech even further is that headsets don’t only detect various cognitive signals, they can also stimulate them. Flow is a company that uses brain stimulation to help its wearers treat depression. They recently acquired Halo, which stimulates the motor cortex to help its wearers with motor skills, strength training, and endurance. 

            Neuro-tech is clearly on the rise due to the vast potential of how it can help people. The market is also broad since there are headsets for children who want to play with brain-controlled toys and games, as well as adults who want to monitor or manipulate their cognitive states to improve their sleep, mood, or performance levels. CURVEX is one of these companies. CURVEX gives you insights into your various moods to let you know how stressed or focused you are, so you can optimize your performance by doing the type of work that’s best for the state of mind that you’re in. The potential of this technology seems endless and everyday headsets are getting more advanced.

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