Similar to the principle of an electrocardiograph or a sphygmomanometer used in a physical examination, CURVEX uses electrodes, which do not send signal into the body. Instead they detect the bio-electrical signals in the brain. CURVEX will process these signals to some extent, e.g. clutter filtration, noise reduction and analytical calculation, and then send the analyzed brainwave state via Bluetooth to your device.

The earclip functions as a grounding electrode. The ear clip of CURVEX is ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear, and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the earlobe.

CURVEX uses the internationally popularized Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission standard protocol, and many Bluetooth headsets have also used the same wireless technology. However, the data size and power transmitted by CURVEX are much less than the audio and voice of general Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, compared to the commercially available Bluetooth headsets, CURVEX has nearly zero radiation. CURVEX has passed the certification of Bluetooth SIG, FCC, CE, SRRC and other radio safety certification authorities, and has been authorized by MFi (Made for iPhone). The built-in lithium battery has also passed the UL1642 safety certification. The materials used by CURVEX are environmentally-friendly, recyclable, free from harmful ingredient, consistent with the international environmental protection ROHS certification.

CURVEX can detect the changes in the strength and frequency of brainwaves in the left forehead of the brain only. These changes can reflect different human brain states e.g. focus, stress, effort, flow and will not reveal concrete thoughts.

CURVEX trains the brain’s self-state-regulating ability, a spontaneous regulating skill. Many Apps will offer some tips to train the brain states. You can pace yourself or develop new skills according to these tips. CURVEX can help you to validate whether the brain is really in the focused or relaxed state. Through these feedbacks and practices, you can gradually develop the self-regulating skills best fit for yourself, and then gradually consolidate these abilities through long-term training. Everyone has different trigger points to enter the focused or relaxed state.


Please ensure that the headset’s receiver has been turned on, and that the red/blue Bluetooth indicators are flickering alternatively. Then, enable the Bluetooth function in the Bluetooth setting of the terminal device, and then wait several seconds. “CURVEX” should appear in the Bluetooth list, and auto-pairing will start next. 

For more information, please refer to the “CURVEX Quick Start Guide” inside the packing box. 

In order to wear the headset correctly, please ensure that the two metal sensors contact the forehead and earlobe. Please refer to the “CURVEX Quick Start Guide” inside the packing box. After wearing the CURVEX correctly, you should be able to hear two prompt tones.

Because the cerebro-electricity signal is extremely weak, the brainwave detection stability is easily interfered by the outside world. Here are some frequently-seen circumstances affecting the stability:

1. Shake violently or blink or talk frequently, resulting in myo-electricity interference.

2. Hair, earrings or other objects contact with the metal sensor, or cover up the contact with the metal sensor.

3. Excessive sweat or cosmetics blocks the metal sensor. Try to wipe the sweat or other impurities on the forehead and sensor.

4. The metal sensor does not fully contact the skin. It is suggested to adjust the ear clip to ensure that the two sensors inside the ear clip are close to the earlobe, and additionally, observe whether the metal sensor on the forehead is close to the skin and surface on the forehead. Adjust the elastic band properly to allow the forehead to be close to the sensor.

5. There are strong electromagnetic wave interferences or lots of electronic devices (particularly wireless devices) in the surrounding environment, e.g. mobile phone communication, TV screen, air-conditioning and camera, etc..

CURVEX uses the lithium battery (160mAH) that has passed the UL1642 safety certification. A full battery can be used for 3-4 consecutive hours. The USB charging source is 5V, 500-1000mAH (standard USB power source). You can use the computer USB port or the iPhone/iPad charger.


The headset is a device which can detect the brainwaves in the frontal lobe via the forehead sensor. By analyzing the frequency of these signals, CURVEX can display the brain states, e.g. focus, stress, flow and effort.

Brainwaves (EEG), like the cardio-electricity (ECG) and myo-electricity (EMG), are a type of bio-electricity, produced by the brain. Brainwaves are bio-electric currents produced by connections and interactions between the neurons.

Alpha (8-13 Hz) is a relaxed state when people are consciously awake, e.g. walking in a park, doing yoga or closing their eyes meditatively. It is widely believed that this state can promote the physical health condition. Alpha state can reduce the physical stress hormone secretion, and improve the insomnia, low immunity, obesity, hypertension and other poor health conditions.

The beta frequency band is generally divided into low beta wave (13-17Hz, also called SMR wave) and high beta wave (18-30Hz). Low beta wave is the brainwave produced when people are in the working state, a focused state, or where their limb movement is under control. High beta wave is the brainwave produced when the brain is in the stressed, nervous and excited state. If the brain is in this state, a lot of energy will be consumed, and the brain will feel fatigued, anxious and stressed. Beta brainwaves are particularly important for people’s working and learning performance. Therefore, cultivation and induction of beta brainwave in the childhood will be greatly helpful for the future growth of the children. If child cannot produce beta wave, there is probably a lack of certain nutrient elements during the brain development, resulting in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The Theta frequency band (Hz 3-7) is a brainwave produced between waking and sleeping. When our left brain is in the theta wave state, the left brain will be “closed”, and the right brain will be “activated” to become active, clouding in consciousness, but the creative inspiration is endless. Theta is a state the artists and writers often pursue for, and people can reach this state under the effect of drugs. Of course, we can also reach this state naturally when we are meditating and deeply relaxed.

Delta (1-3Hz) is a state of deep sleep, which allows the body and brain to take full rest and get revitalized. Delta wave will also be produced when the neonate brain is not fully developed

CURVEX has been striving to develop the third-party developer ecological chain system. The CURVEX SDK can be purchased or bought as a subscription package. The developer is only required to pay attention to the official SDK of CURVEX, and the individual developer is therefore responsible for their own integration. We will send the SDK and a detailed guide you can follow, in order to implement the SDK. Meanwhile, CURVEX can also conclude a cooperation agreement on hardware sales with the developer, binding the developer’s app for joint sales revenue splits.

How to get started

Step 1: Download and install the app.

Step 2: Enable the mobile phone Bluetooth function, and start the head ring module to search the pairing. If paired, you’re good to go.

Step 3: Wear the headset on the head. If two beeps are heard, you’re ready to get started.

Step 4: Open the app installed in the mobile phone to use.

Neurons in the brain communicate by sending electrical signals to each other. These signals get transmitted through the skull and skin. The headset’s electrodes, when placed on the forehead, detect these signals and sends them through the Bluetooth receiver to the app. The app shows these signals in the form of frequency bands and also converts them into easily understandable metrics.